Fishing Licences

While fishing in New Zealand during the 19th Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships you will require 3X different licence types for different fisheries.

While Fish And Game control licencing for the majority of New Zealand, they do not cover the rivers and lakes of the Taupo region which is run by The Department of Conservation DOC. A further licence/permit will also be required to fish one of the sectors Lake Rotoaira.

Taupo Fishing Licence:

While fishing in any waters flowing in or out of lake Taupo and some surrounding lakes, a licence is required to fish. Licences are valid from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Taupo has its own set of rules and regulations, including a maximum leader length of 18 foot, please familiarise yourself with these rules HERE

The competition sectors of Lake Rotoaira and Lake Kuratau will be closed to ALL competitors and management from the 17th February 2020, as well as the competition sector of the Tongariro River which will run from the Bain Pool upstream to the Blue Pool. familiarise yourself with these boundaries in the SECTORS panel.

Competition organisers would like to point out if you are planning on fishing throughout NZ in your buildup to the event, you may only require a week long Taupo licence (as long as you are not fishing other Taupo Fishery zones. Please see map included here.

Non-Resident Licences are priced at $129 NZ Season, $65 NZ Week and $20 NZ Day.

Buy your licences here.

Purchase your Taupo Licence HERE
Taupo Fishery Region Map

Fish and Game Licence:

To fish all other rivers and lakes throughout NZ outside of Taupo you will require a Fish And Game licence.

For non-residents there are two options.

Season 1st October- June 30th $180 NZ

Day Licence- $34NZ

Purchase your Fish and Game Licence here.

Lake Rotoaira Licence/Permit

In addition to a current Taupo licence, a separate entry permit is required to fish Lake Rotoaira. The permits, issued by the Lake Rotaira Trust Board, can be bought from:

  • most sports and tackle stores and some service stations in Turangi and the southern part of the region
  • the Turangi i-SiTE Visitor Information Centre
  • the Tokaanu Hotel
  • the office at the Lake Rotoaira Camping Ground on the southern side of the lake on SH46

Lake Rotoaira along with all other competitions venues will be closed to fishing for competitors on the 17th February.  There will be NO OFFICIAL PRACTICE on this lake, only the competition sessions. therefore only a day licence will be required.  Sports Fly Fishing NZ as the hosts is in talks with the Rotoaira Trust to work out how we can obtain these licences in the easiest manner and will provide that information.  If you are planning on arriving early and can fish this lake before the closed period then you are best to purchase a season licence from one of the above locations. You must present your Taupo licence to be able to obtain a Rotoaira Permit.